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Insurance / Membership

Team Registration Now Available!

Launched in February 2021, AAU Baseball is excited to announce the release of its brand NEW roster registration option for all teams to make  acquiring AAU Insurance/Membership easier than ever! Register your club and teams/players with this new one stop shop registration option.

$196 per team (Membership/Insurance included)
Protect your Program & Register Today >
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Question? cmeredith@aausports.org407-828-3459

What Can you Do

  • Register your club and players at once
  • Register multiple teams at once
  • Easily add additional rosters at anytime
  • Easily add additional, individual players at anytime
  • Easily register coaches,  administrators, volunteers, etc.
  • Protect your Program & Register Today >

What You Receive

  • Sports accident & general liability coverage for rostered players in both AAU and NON-AAU events
  • General liability covers all coaches, non-athletes, teams/clubs, volunteers and tournament administrators
  • 5 million dollars of club coverage for each occurrence
  • 20% East Bay Discount for all registered Athlete and Non-Athlete members
  • AAU Insurance Benefit Details >

Non-Profit Club Status

  • $300 per year
  • Eligible for tax - exempt status
  • Eligible to receive tax-exempt donations
  • Eligible to become sales tax exempt in your state
  • Level 3 is only for unincorporated clubs & has the same benefits as Level 1 & Level 2
  • In addition, the club can become a subordinate under the AAU’s group exemption program, making the entity a tax-exempt organization. Level 3 Clubs are eligible to accept tax-exempt donations directly. Level 3 Clubs must register online.
  • Acquire Non-Profit AAU Status