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Insurance / Membership

Roster Upload Now Available!

AAU Baseball is excited to announce the release of its brand NEW roster registration option for all teams
to make  acquiring AAU Insurance/Membership easier than ever!

$196 per team (Player Membership/Insurance included for AAU & NON-AAU Events)



Contact cmeredith@aausports.org407-828-3459

What Can you Do

  • Register multiple teams at once
  • Easily add additional rosters at anytime
  • Easily add additional, individual players at anytime
  • Easily register coaches,  administrators, volunteers, etc.
  • Protect your Program & Register Today >

What You Receive

  • Sports accident & general liability coverage for rostered players in both AAU & NON-AAU events
  • General liability covers all coaches, non-athletes, teams/clubs, volunteers and tournament administrators
  • 6 million dollars of club coverage for each occurrence
  • 20% East Bay Discount for all registered Athlete and Non-Athlete members
  • AAU Insurance Benefit Details >

Non-Profit Club Status

  • $300 per year
  • Eligible for tax - exempt status
  • Eligible to receive tax-exempt donations
  • Eligible to become sales tax exempt in your state
  • Level 3 is only for unincorporated clubs & has the same benefits as Level 1 & Level 2
  • In addition, the club can become a subordinate under the AAU’s group exemption program, making the entity a tax-exempt organization. Level 3 Clubs are eligible to accept tax-exempt donations directly. Level 3 Clubs must register online.
  • Acquire Non-Profit AAU Status