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Florida District


Thank you for visiting the Florida AAU Baseball District Page. Florida is home to many regional and national AAU events.

Florida Gulf Coast Incentive Program!

Florida Gulf Coast AAU Baseball offers excellent incentives in 2018

Florida District Championship 2018

  • July 13-15, 2018
  • Hunt Fountain Park
  • 2020 Duff Road, Lakeland, FL 3810
  • 9u,10u,11u,12u,13u
  • 1st Place teams receive FULL REFUND of Grand Nationals Entry Fee
  • WIN your AGE GROUP in State Championship and YOUR Grand Nationals ENTRY FEE will be REFUNDED IN FULL!
  • $50 Discount for State Championship if you PAY when you REGISTER
  • FREE AAU Membership/Insurance valid until Aug 31, 2019 if you are PAID for State Championship by May 31st 
  • $200 Grand Nationals Entry Fee Discount if you REGISTER and PAY for State Championship by May 31st

March Slugfest in Tampa

Chet Lemon

District Director

Phone: 352-357-0477

Joe Albanese

Area Director, Tampa

Phone: 813-323-5126

Chris Crawford

Area Director, Jacksonville

Phone: 904-382-3377

Tom Lanman

Area Director, Space Coast

Phone: 321-536-0587

Tony Melendez

Area Director, Orlando

Phone: 917-734-2286

Discounts to 2018 Nationals

Teams from VA,NY,NJ,GA,LA,RI,TX,CO,CA and more will be attending the 2018 AAU National Championships.

*Are you interested in any of these players? Email to acquire player information. See all Free Agent Players >