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Monthly AAU Baseball Discussions

Who Participates?

Twice a month AAU Baseball hosts a Zoom conference for those interested in becoming involved in the following capacities:

  • Area Directors
  • Tournament Directors
  • New participating baseball clubs
  • Partnering with Non-AAU baseball organizations

What is Discussed?

We welcome all those interested in joining AAU Baseball to sign up to join our bi-monthly meeting where we discuss:

  • How to become an area director & the financial benefits
  • How to host your own AAU event & the financial benefits
  • How to register your club with AAU Baseball
  • Co-branding  events with partnered non-AAU organizations
  • New initiatives in development
  • Easy non-profit membership status
  • The best insurance coverage in youth sports
  • Q&A


Please email us to RSVP and receive your email invitation